What is Community Engaged Learning (CEL)?

Community Engaged Learning

Community Engaged Learning (CEL) is comprised of experiences which are integrated with course materials, activities, and directed reflection that enable students to practice social and civic responsibility while deepening disciplinary knowledge and skills.

CEL highlights mutually responsible relationships among faculty, students, and community partners,  allowing students to apply their learning  through direct engagement  or projects which meet community needs.. This heightens students’ awareness about their environment beyond campus boundaries. 

By encouraging students and faculty to work closely with the community, the priorities of community organizations are addressed while students become more informed and motivated agents of change. These opportunities are structured around community-identified needs that align with course objectives and met through engaging with community partners who serve as co-educators of course curricula alongside faculty.  CEL takes a different approach than the traditional classroom structure which may concentrate more on lecture, papers, and tests.

While CEL is this office’s primary form of collaboration between faculty and students at Lewis and the broader communities, we also support other forms of collaboration for community engagement.

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