How OCEL Supports Faculty

How OCEL Supports Students

The Office of Community Engaged Learning (OCEL) works to provide opportunities for students to develop lifelong skills and learn more about how they can be a catalyst for social justice, as well as offer continued support for students taking part in community engagement. Listed below are the many advantages associated with community engagement, and the various ways that students can get involved.

Benefits to Students

By engaging with the community in various ways, students will:

  1. Enhance their learning and enthusiasm for the subject area of CEL courses
  2. Enrich their resume
  3. Refine their career goals
  4. Better develop disciplinary skills from applications in real world settings
  5. Achieve a higher level of confidence through reflection, improved competency, and knowledge beyond the classroom
  6. Build relationships with possible employers

Forms of Student Engagement

CEL Courses
Community Engaged Learning (CEL) courses empower students to learn through hands-on experiences that deepen classroom learning.

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CEL Courses

CELF Program
The Community Engaged Learning Facilitator (CELF) Program is a student leadership opportunity for individuals interested in community engagement and collaborating to create community change. CELFs act as a liaison and resource to campus and community partners. Undergraduate students are welcome to apply when applications open each semester.

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CELF Program

Community Engagement Opportunities
Outside of the on-campus activities listed above that our office supports, we also want to highlight the activities of community agencies. Students are welcome to volunteer, donate, and attend events involving these organizations.

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