Types of Collaboration

 The Office of Community Engaged Learning seeks to emphasize the mutuality (or universality) of benefit when those working in the community and those learning in the academy collaborate for the common good. This is one of a few ways in which Lewis University as a whole supports community engagement activities. The following are the primary ways that this happens:

Community Engaged Learning (CEL)

Partnering with faculty/students in a class for an ongoing activity or project-based initiative.

CEL Courses

Example: Students from different classes at Lewis visit Fairmont school twice a week to supervise students participating in an after-school tutoring program called “Homework Club”.

Research and/or Assessment (R&A)

Faculty/students work with community partners on a shared research/assessment topic of interest.

Co-Curricular Community Engagement

Partners collaborate with University Ministry, an athletic team, or a student organization on a one-time project.

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