Community Engaged Learning Facilitator (CELF) Program

Community Engaged Learning Facilitator (CELF) Program

The Community Engaged Learning Facilitator (CELF) Program is a student leadership opportunity for individuals interested in community engagement and collaborating to create community change. CELFs act as a liaison and resource to campus and community partners.

Program Goals

  1. Training and supporting CELFs to develop their leadership skills;
  2. Assisting faculty members to implement best practices in their community engaged learning courses;
  3. Supporting community partners to help ensure partnership goals are met through student and faculty engagement;
  4. Aiding students in meeting their academic and community-based requirements and commitments.

Program Benefits

  1. Provides opportunities for networking and forming relationships with people at Lewis University and area nonprofit and community-based organizations.
  2. Supports students in developing and improving critical skills such as communication, time management, group facilitation, and project management.
  3. Empowers students to act on justice-related issues in the local community.
  4. Offers valuable experience in various fields to list on a resume.

CELFs Engage in One of Two Ways

  1. Course-Based – A CELF will be assigned to a single course, supporting a specific faculty member, group of students, and a small number of community partnerships throughout the semester. In this way, the CELF acts as a project manager and logistics coordinator for the course and associated partnership(s).
  2. Community-Based – A CELF will be assigned to work with a single community partner or group of partners to help facilitate student engagement. In this way, the CELF acts as a liaison and logistics coordinator for the partnership and associated course(s).

Qualifications to Apply

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Opt-in for Notifications

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Below is our most recent selection timeline.

Fall 2023 Selection Timeline

Monday, October 9 Applications are available
Monday, October 23 Applications due
Tuesday, October 24 - Friday, October 27  Interviews
Monday, October 30 Notification Status

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