Writing Center

Located within the Library (1st floor), the Writing Center offers face-to-face peer tutoring for students’ course writing. Additionally, The Writing Center: Graduate Writing Services is located on the third floor and offers specialized graduate writing support. Writing tutors are available during weekdays, in the evening, and on weekends in the library. Online response to course writing is also available for students who are not on the main campus in Romeoville. Students can either make a Real Time Phone appointment or email their paper to WritingCenter@lewisu.edu for feedback.

The Writing Center offers assistance with:  

  • Generating ideas and developing content
  • Organizing, editing, and revising
  • Forming coherent paragraphs
  • Composing smoother sentences
  • Choosing words wisely
  • Developing proofreading and editing skills
  • Improving research skills
  • Citing MLA, APA, and Chicago Style

Writing tutors can help student writers at various levels of experience and at any stage of the writing process. Tutors come from a variety of majors and are trained to analyze a piece of writing in order to help improve a writer’s writing and writing project.

The tutors in the Writing Center will not correct or edit your writing; instead, they will ask you relevant questions about your work and discuss in detail the options and strategies available to you for making your writing more effective—in terms of content, organization, language use, and format style. We encourage you to stop by; we have a welcoming and energetic space for students and tutors enjoy helping others become more effective writers.

Appointment Types
  • For Face-to-Face appointments, the writer meets with the tutor one on one to read through the paper aloud and discuss specific strategies for revision.

  • During Real Time Phone appointments, the tutor calls the writer on the phone to engage in a conversation about the writing and devise a plan for revision. Both the writer and tutor use Google Docs to view the paper and highlight patterns or necessary changes.  

  • For Joint Writing Center Tutor and Research Librarian appointments, writers meet with both a tutor and librarian face-to-face. This type of appointment is highly recommended for writers who need support during the research process.

  • Email Response: Writers receive written feedback to their papers via email. For Email Response Appointments, writers should email their paper, assignment sheet, and rubric to writingcenter@lewisu.edu. No appointment is necessary. A tutor will provide feedback within 24-48 hours.
To Make a Writing Center Appointment

If you would like to make a Face-to-Face appointment, Real Time Phone Appointment, or Joint Writing Center Tutor and Research Librarian Appointment at the Writing Center, please click the Make an Appointment graphic; if you have any questions about making your appointment, please contact the Writing Center at (815) 836-5427. You can sign up for a 30 or 60 minute appointment; Real Time Phone appointments should be scheduled for a 60 minute sessions.

Make an Appointment

Walk-ins are also welcome but appointments are encouraged.

You should bring the following to your tutoring session: the instructor’s assignment sheetevaluation criteria, any class notes about the assignment, and a complete or partial draft.

Similar to a face-to-face appointment, writers who are unable to come to campus can collaborate with a tutor in a Real Time Phone appointment using Google Docs. When making your appointment at lewisu.edu/appointment, select “Real Time Phone,” and upload your paper, assignment sheet, and evaluation rubric. The tutor will contact you at the beginning of your session.

You can also email your paper to writingcenter@lewisu.edu to receive feedback on your writing. In the email, you should include:

  • your draft;
  • the assignment sheet; 
  • any evaluation criteria/grade sheet;
  • your phone number in case we need to call you;
  • class and instructor;
  • and what you'd like feedback on.

No appointment is necessary to email your paper to the Writing Center. A tutor will respond by email with comments within 24-48 hours.

The Writing Center: Graduate Writing Services

Students seeking graduate writing support can visit our location in C.A.S.E—on the third floor-- for help with course specific writing assignments as well as:

  • graduate school statements
  • personal statements
  • scholarship and fellowship essays
  • volunteer and service applications
  • resumes and letters of intent
Writing Center Hotline

For quick writing questions, writers can call the Writing Center hotline at (815) 588-7301 or Facebook message the Lewis University Writing Center. If your question exceeds five minutes, please make an appointment by visiting lewisu.edu/appointment, or call (815) 836-5427.

Writing Center Tutors are also available to answer writing questions using Facebook Messenger.

Free Writing Workshops

The Writing Center offers a variety of free writing workshops. Workshops include Intro to Graduate Level Writing, Drafting, Introduction to the Writing Process, ESL/ELL Support, APA Fundamentals, and Advanced APA. Workshops are held at various Lewis University locations throughout the semester. For more information on workshops, contact (815) 836-5427.

Online Writing Lab (OWL)

The Lewis Writing Center also has an Online Writing Lab where writers can find and access a variety of writing resources including reference guides for MLA, APA, and Chicago Style, as well as information on the writing process, drafting, organization, ESL/ ELL resources, documents on design and resume and cover letter examples to name a few. To access the OWL, writers can visit lewisuwritingcenter.wordpress.com or login to MyLewis and click on the Writing Center logo under the resources tab.

Services for Faculty

The first few weeks of the semester, or at any time that is best for the particular class, instructors can schedule a Brief Writing Center Presentation during which a tutor will come in and briefly discuss the Writing Center services and support available to students.

The Writing Center also offers In Class Tutoring to help writers in your classroom at any stage of the writing process. With In Class tutoring, a tutor will come to your classroom to work individually with your students, offering specific writing support based on your students’ writing needs. Students will build relationships with Writing Center tutors for future collaboration. Students will also strengthen their writing process, writing ability, and as a result, their writing projects.

To highlight both research and writing support available to students, instructors can schedule a Joint Writing Center Tutor and Research Librarian Presentation, where both a writing tutor and research expert offer information on APA/ MLA/ Chicago Style and Library databases.

The Writing Center also provides Tailored Writing Presentations on specific writing topics, including paraphrasing and integrating sources, generating ideas, peer review, creating drafts, and any other writing needs tailored to the specific class; consulting and feedback on assignment design and evaluation rubrics; guidance in best practices for responding to students’ writing; writing to learn activities to support course learning and writing; and useful writing resources.

For Additional Information

Follow the Writing Center on Twitter and Instagram at WritingCenterLU and on Facebook at Lewis University Writing Center for up-to-date news on the Writing Center, writing quotes, and writing tips.

For first access to upcoming workshops and events, students can sign up for the Writing Center Notification service hosted through Remind by texting the code LUWriting to 81010.

For questions about the Writing Center or presentation scheduling, please contact Dr. Jen Consilio, Writing Center Director, via e-mail at consilje@lewisu.edu or by calling (815) 836-5727.