Information for Faculty & Staff


Academic Services works closely with faculty to support academic progress and retention. Faculty can browse the options below at any time and especially when a student is in need of academic support. Personal outreach from faculty to students by phone is a great first step. A personal phone call from a faculty member helps the student see that there is a path forward and a personal investment in the student’s success. Student phone numbers can be found in the class list in myLewis by clicking on the student name.

In addition to the options below academic intervention processes are in place at specific weeks of each semester. A guide with detailed information is available here.

For additional information or questions, call (815) 836-5593 or email at The staff in Academic Services is available to meet with faculty, staff and students in-person, by phone or virtually.


If a student is attending class, but could benefit from academic support faculty can encourage the student to make an academic coaching appointment. Students can make appointment by stopping by LR-342, calling us at (815) 836-5593 or scheduling an appointment.


If a student informally requests a reasonable accommodation without an accommodation memo or if a student has a visible disability that may impact learning, mentions having a disability (health impairments, psychiatric disabilities, visual, hearing orthopedic disabilities, as well as learning disabilities) or mentions they have utilized accommodations/services relating to classroom experiences in the past (such as an IEP or 504 plan) faculty can refer students to Academic Services by stopping by LR-342, calling us at (815) 836-5593 or via an appointment request. More information about disability support can be found here.


If a student has been absent for three or more consecutive class meetings, faculty can refer students to utilize the absence notification process. The process provides support to students experiencing medical, mental health, other personal crises and is open to active member of the U.S. military who are being called to active duty for an extended period of time. Students are not required to utilize this process, but it is available to faculty and students as a way to substantiate absences and advocate for students. Faculty and students can learn more and request absence notification here.


Faculty can request academic intervention using this form. Academic Services will review the information shared and then reach out to the student to provide support.


Has one of your students done a great job participating? Did they improve their grade on a recent exam? Are they generally doing a good job in your class? Have they overcome a challenge? Students love to hear when they have done a good job! Use the form below to recognize them! The staff in Academic Services will share your positive feedback and encourage them to keep up the good work! Acknowledge a student here.


If you are concerned about the health, well-being, or safety of any individual on campus, faculty are encouraged to share concerns or observations by contacting Health & Counseling Services, Student Services, LU Police Dept., Human Resources or faculty can submit an Assessment and Care Team (ACT) referral here.