Accommodated Testing Center

The Academic Services office supports the Accommodated Testing Center where approved students can complete examinations in a secure, distraction reduced environment. A member of the Academic Services staff will proctor examinations scheduled by the student and return completed exams to faculty members.


Learning Resource Center, Room 342

Hours of operation

Fall and Spring Semester Hours: 
Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.*
*Evening hours will be offered during final exam week.

Summer Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 8:30AM – 5:00PM
Friday: 8:30AM – 12:00PM


To be eligible to use the Accommodated Testing Center, the student must be approved for testing accommodations through an interview process with the Learning Access Coordinator.

Common exam accommodations include (but are not limited to): extended time, distraction reduced testing environment, exams in alternative format, readers, scribes, assistive technology, use of a computer without internet access, adjustment to lighting, adjustable desks or chairs.

Exam Scheduling Procedures
General Scheduling

  • Exams can be scheduled by phone: 815-836-5593, email:, or by walk-in to the Learning Resource Center, room 342.

  • Provide the following information: name of the course, the instructor, the time that the class is taking the exam, and the time that you wish to schedule the exam.

  • Schedule exams at least 48 business hours/2 business days in advance.

  • Notify both the accommodated testing center staff AND the course instructor.

  • Unscheduled, walk-in testing is not permitted. An instructor may deny a student to utilize the test center if the exam is not scheduled with reasonable advance notice or the student does not comply with test center policy/procedures.

  • Students are required to complete quizzes and examinations at the same time that the rest of the class is taking the examination. Taking an exam on the day before or after the actual testing day is not permitted. If necessary, an alternate time on the same day can be arranged.

  • Please mention any additional accommodations you receive other than extended time (such as an exam reader, need for special lighting, chairs, enlarged print, calculator, etc.).

Scheduling an exam reader or scribe

To schedule a reader or scribe, please contact the office one week in advance so we could schedule a staff member accordingly. A reader or scribe may not be available if we are not informed in advance.

Final Exams

In order to accommodate all students, there may be changes to the normal final exam schedule. Please look out for announcements by email of potential changes.

Test Day Policies

  • Students are encouraged to arrive to exams five (5) minutes before the scheduled exam time.

  • Students are required to show a form of PHOTO ID (student ID is preferred).

  • Students are asked to leave all materials that are not approved for the exam, such as notes, in their dorm room, with the proctor, or secured in one of the lockers.

  • Electronic devices will be collected by the test proctor prior to the exam.

  • A clock can be provided for student use during the examination.

  • If a student requests scratch paper, it must be provided by the testing center or instructor.

  • Students will be informed of their end time. Students should plan to complete exams during the approved testing time, including Scantron completion.

Items not allowed in testing rooms

  • Cell phones, watches/eyeglasses that access internet, or other electronic devices.

  • Hats, backpacks, or bags.

  • Oversized sweaters/coats (may be permitted if the proctor inspects them at check-in).

  • Food or drink may be permitted, however, the test proctor may inspect the item at check-in (in certain circumstances, the food or beverage may be denied).


  • Students are permitted to take a reasonable number of breaks or use the restroom during exams.

  • Students may not access their cell phones or talk to peers during their breaks.

  • Students are asked to bring their exam to the proctor if they go to the restroom.

  • If a student has gone for a bathroom break for over 10 minutes, the proctor may repeat check-in procedures. 

  • The clock does not stop during a bathroom break unless the student has a special accommodation for this.

Emergency Procedures

  • If safe to do so, an administrator or test proctor will inform students who are testing if there is an emergency that requires them to stop their exam.

  • Students are expected to follow directions of staff or emergency personnel.  Staff will ask students to leave their exams in the test rooms if evacuation is necessary.

  • Depending on the nature of the emergency, students will be informed of whether they are allowed to access personal belongings (cell phones, book bags, etc.).

Academic Integrity

The Accommodated Testing Center is equipped with camera surveillance that facilitates our ability to proctor exams while keeping minimal noise and distraction. Any form of scholastic dishonesty will be immediately reported to the primary course instructor in a written incident report.

Guidance for Instructors

See the Faculty and Staff Information tab for exam delivery and return instructions.