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Whether on-campus, online or a mix of both, Academic Services is committed to supporting and empowering students in reaching their academic goals. Our services are available in-person, virtually, or by phone. Whatever type of meeting you request, students are encouraged to meet with us and access services provided by the Academic Services department. We welcome your questions and concerns via phone at (815) 836-5593 or via e-mail at


Academic Services will offer peer-to-peer tutoring in-person or online via video conferencing.To schedule an appointment and see available tutors:

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Brainfuse provides students with access to one-on-one tutoring 24 hours a day. Brainfuse provides real tutors in a wide range of subjects including Business, Computers and Technology, English, Math, Nursing and Science.

How do you access Brainfuse HelpNOW?
To access this tutorial resource, you must be logged into myLewis.  Once you are logged in, you can click on the Resources Tab on the right side of your screen. Once your screen refreshes, click on the Brainfuse button/link in top row, second column.  If you access Brainfuse directly, you will be prompted to pay for the service.  As a member of the Lewis Community, it is a free resource, but you must access it through the myLewis portal.  

For detailed instructions on using Brainfuse HelpNOW please refer to the attached User Guide.



Student Success Coordinators can help students with time management strategies, goal setting, test-taking strategies and provide guidance on navigating and managing online and in-person learning experiences.

If you would like to have an online or in-person academic coaching session with a Student Success Coordinator, please schedule an appointment.

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Process Overview

Prior to any absence, students are encouraged to communicate and make arrangements for completing missed work with their instructors. When this is not possible and when the absence from class is for three or more class meetings, students can utilize the absence notification process. Students are not required to utilize the absence notification process and are encouraged to work directly with their instructors whenever possible.

The absence notification process provides support to students experiencing medical, mental health or other personal crises that impact their attendance and academic progress. The process is also open to active members of the United States military who are being deployed. Students who expect that they may have repetitive absences for an on-going or an episodic medical issue should consider going through the process to request reasonable accommodations with the Learning Access Coordinator in Academic Services. In these instances, students can submit an absence notification request form and Academic Services will notify faculty of the absence(s) on behalf of the student. Requests for absence notification must include documentation to substantiate the absence(s).

A notification of absence does not excuse the student from assignments, exams or other expectations of the course. Each faculty member will decide what adjustments are possible to provide support to the student. Once faculty are notified by Academic Services the student must follow-up with the faculty member as soon as feasible to discuss next steps for successful completion of the course.

Students must complete the following steps to initiate an absence notification:

  • Communicate absence(s) with the faculty as soon as possible.
  • Collect documentation to substantiate absence(s) from class.
  • Submit the Absence Notification Request form here.
  • Submit relevant documentation to Academic Services. Students can email documentation to or can drop documentation off in-person in Academic Services in the Learning Resource Center, Suite 342.

Once Academic Services receives a completed Absence Notification Request form and relevant documentation the student will receive an email confirming receipt of their absence notification request. After Academic Services reviews the form and verifies the provided documentation, an absence notification will be sent to faculty via email. The student will be included on the absence notification email. The student’s advisor, the Assistant Dean of the appropriate College and other relevant faculty/staff will be cc’d on the notification.

Please note the following prior to submitting a request for absence notification:
  • A request for absence notification must be submitted within one week of the absence(s).
  • Absence notification requests will not be granted for travel delays, weather-related delays, job/internship conflicts, court appearances or pet illnesses.
  • Depending on the circumstances the student may need to meet with a staff member in Academic Services to discuss the situation and possible withdrawal from the course.
  • By submitting the online request form the student is giving permission for the staff in Academic Services to communicate to faculty on their behalf. The student is also giving permission to cc their advisor, the Assistant Dean of the appropriate College and other faculty/staff relevant to the student.
  • Documentation provided to Academic Services will be kept confidential. Military documentation will be shared with the Military Education Resource Center staff.


Academic Advising at Lewis is designed to assist students in making academic choices for majors, minors or course selection, as well as to assist in making other important decisions that will impact the quality and meaningfulness of your college experience. Students with a declared major are advised by a faculty member in their major department. Students who are exploring majors or are undecided on their major are advised by a Student Success Coordinator in Academic Services. Students in the School of Graduate, Professional and Continuing Education (SGPCE) can click here for more information about advising in SGPCE.

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Blackboard can be accessed through the myLewis Portal using the Bb icon in the upper right hand corner or from the Resources Tab.  It can also be accessed directly at  If Blackboard is accessed directly, username and password are consistent with logging into the myLewis Portal.

Additional Blackboard Support
The links below offer tutorials and information on how to use Blackboard as well as information if you need additional assistance.