CPT Internships, Spring 2024

Fast-Track your Career with a Virtual Internship

F1 Visa international students at Lewis University’s Albuquerque location will be eligible to apply for a guaranteed virtual CPT internship. 

Real-world connections

Build connections and establish a professional network with US -based companies

Professional Development

Eligible students will have access to preparatory workshops, to introduce them to the US workplace culture and expectations. 

Curated Project Placements

Internships will give students direct experience in their field of Computer Science, and help start their professional development

Guaranteed work experience

we will guarantee CPT placements for 15 MSCS students, with an internship in Computer Science or Information Technology

Flexible remote experience

Your CPT internship is virtual, and flexible to fit around your student schedule

The CPT internships will enhance your MS Computer Science education, and give you an advantage in the US job market.


Interested students will apply during the Fall 2023 semester. Eligibility will be based on student GPA, experience, and CPT application.  The placement is a 3-month internship, offered during the second semester (Spring 2024). The internship will not be paid, is 100% remote, and work is limited to part-time status. 

CPT Dates: January 29, 2024 through April 19, 2024

Applications will be shared with MSCS students during the first week of courses

Find out more at
Virtual Internshipsvirtualinternships.com

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