Scholars Academy

Are you a thinker? With an insatiable curiosity? Who believes in the transformative power of education?

You may be Scholar material.

As a Lewis Scholar, you can satisfy your Gen Ed requirements while engaging in higher-level thinking and challenging cross-training curriculum. Turn any course into a Scholars course by working with our faculty to create an individualized experience based on your special interests – culminating in a semester-ending presentation, performance or paper.

You’ll also get unprecedented opportunities to experience culture that stretches you as an individual. Take in Chicago’s rich history through architectural exploration, performances at the legendary Steppenwolf Theatre or exhibits at the renowned Art Institute through our “City-as-Text” program. Service-outreach opportunities. Study abroad program. And fascinating on-campus presentations and performances.

As a member of our Scholars Academy, you will be honored through recognition at university award events, at graduation and on your final transcript. Plus, along with the great networking opportunities you’ll experience as a Scholar, you’ll also attract a whole lot more job interest with your Scholars or Distinguished Scholars Diploma.

And the Scholar Program’s flexibility is perfect for those with busy schedules. Most scholars work either on- or off-campus. And many scholars are involved in Lewis athletics as well.