Counselors' Illinois High Schools Territory

You can get a list of Illinois High Schools by selecting a letter below. Click on the Counselor name to get his/her biography.
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Illinois High School


- J -

J S Morton High School East Liliana Tinoco
J S Morton High School West Liliana Tinoco
Jacksonville High School Jonah Sheehan
Jamaica High School Jonah Sheehan
James B Conant High School Tyler Olsen
Jane Addams High School Liliana Tinoco
Jersey Community High School Jonah Sheehan
Jewish Childrens Bureau-Jcb Liliana Tinoco
Jobs For Youth Jonah Sheehan
John F Kennedy High School Julia Schaefer
John Hancock High School Liliana Tinoco
John Hersey High School Tyler Olsen
John Hope College Prep HS Julia Schaefer
John Marshall Metro HS Liliana Tinoco
Johnsburg High School Jonah Sheehan
Johnson College Prep Julia Schaefer
Johnston City High School Jonah Sheehan
Joliet Catholic Academy Jonah Sheehan
Joliet Central High School Jonah Sheehan
Joliet Township HS West Jonah Sheehan
Jones College Prep Jonah Sheehan
Joppa Jr & Sr High School Jonah Sheehan
Jordan Baptist School Liliana Tinoco
Joseph Academy Tyler Olsen
Josephinum Academy Liliana Tinoco
Joshua Johnston Fine Arts/Des Liliana Tinoco
Judah Christian High School Jonah Sheehan