Counselors' Illinois High Schools Territory

You can get a list of Illinois High Schools by selecting a letter below. Click on the Counselor name to get his/her biography.
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Illinois High School


- B -

Back of the Yards College Prep HS Tyler Olsen
Bais Yaakov High School Chgo Tyler Olsen
Baker College Prep Max Foster
Banner Academy South Max Foster
Banner Academy West Tyler Olsen
Barrington Community High Schl Sabrina Baftiri
Bartlett High School Tyler Olsen
Batavia High School Sabrina Baftiri
Beacon Academy Tyler Olsen
Beacon Therapeutic-Cal Park Max Foster
Beardstown Charter Lrng Acad Julia Schaefer
Beardstown Senior High School Julia Schaefer
Beecher City High School Julia Schaefer
Beecher High School Max Foster
Belleville High School East Julia Schaefer
Belleville Township HS West Julia Schaefer
Belvidere Endeavor High School Sabrina Baftiri
Belvidere High School Sabrina Baftiri
Belvidere North High School Sabrina Baftiri
Bement High School Julia Schaefer
Benet Academy Tyler Olsen
Benito Juarez Community Acad Tyler Olsen
Benton Consolidated HS Julia Schaefer
Berean Baptist Christian Sabrina Baftiri
Berean Christian School Julia Schaefer
Berean Fundamental Baptist Sch Sabrina Baftiri
Bethel Christian Academy Julia Schaefer
Bethel Christian School Sabrina Baftiri
Better Boys Foundation Tyler Olsen
Bible Baptist Christian Acad Sabrina Baftiri
Biblical Baptist Chruch Acad Sabrina Baftiri
Bishop Mcnamara High School Julia Schaefer
Bismarck-Henning High School Julia Schaefer
Bloom High School Max Foster
Bloom Trail High School Max Foster
Bloomington High School Julia Schaefer
Blue Ridge High School Julia Schaefer
Bluffs High School Julia Schaefer
Bnos Rabbeinu Inc Tyler Olsen
Bogan High School Max Foster
Bolingbrook High School Sabrina Baftiri
Bond County Cmty Unit #2 HS Julia Schaefer
Bowen High School Max Foster
Boylan Catholic High School Sabrina Baftiri
Bradley-Bourbonnais HS Julia Schaefer
Brehm Preparatory School Julia Schaefer
Bremen High School Max Foster
Brentwood Baptist Chrstn Acad Tyler Olsen
Brimfield High School Julia Schaefer
Brisk Academy Yeshivas Brisk Tyler Olsen
British School Of Chicago Max Foster
Bronzeville Scholastic Inst Max Foster
Brother Rice High School Max Foster
Brown County High School Julia Schaefer
Brownstown High School Julia Schaefer
Brussels Community High School Julia Schaefer
Buffalo Grove High School Sabrina Baftiri
Bunker Hill High School Julia Schaefer
Bureau Valley High School Julia Schaefer
Bushnell Prairie City HS Julia Schaefer
Butler College Prep Max Foster
Byron High School Julia Schaefer

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