Application Process

High school students who seek to earn a degree from Lewis University should begin the process by submitting a Freshman Application for Admission.  This includes students who plan to enroll directly after completing high school, high school students who are dually enrolled in college course work, and students who have graduated from high school but have not attended any college since then.

International students should refer to the International Admission guidelines.

Application Steps
  • Submit the application form either using Lewis University’s Freshman Application (link directly to or the Common Application (link directly to
  • Submit official high school transcripts (required for all freshman applicants)
  • ACT or SAT test scores (not required for Test Optional applicants)
  • Essay or Personal Statement – Optional
  • Letters of Recommendation - Optional
  • $40 application fee
Freshman Application Deadline chart
Status Fall Term Spring Term
Freshman Early Action* December 1 N/A
Freshman Priority Scholarship Consideration** February 15 N/A
Freshman Rolling Admission Priority March 15 N/A
Freshman Regular Admission June 1 January 2

* Early action applications will receive admission and scholarship decisions before holiday break.

** All applicants have the best opportunity for admission and scholarship consideration by applying before the February 15 Scholarship Consideration deadline.

Application Review Process

Upon receiving a completed application and required documents, the Office of Admission will review all applications individually.  As part of our holistic review process, we will place primary focus on the on the student’s cumulative grade point average (weighted and unweighted), core grade point average (English, math, science, and social science courses), and rigor of high school courses completed. Additional information about Test Optional applications is available here.

All applicants are encouraged to include a writing sample and supporting documents to help us understand the student’s strengths and talents beyond what the transcript reflects.  In addition to the primary review factors, we will consider the student’s writing sample, co-curricular activities, class rank, letters of recommendation, and standardized ACT or SAT scores if the information is submitted.  Some students may also be required to complete an admission interview or additional documents.

Lewis University encourages high school applicants to complete a strong college preparatory curriculum, including at least three years of in English/Language Arts; two years in mathematics, two or three years of science, and two years of social science.  The remaining courses should include additional challenging core courses and/or electives.  Some academic departments at Lewis University may require additional units in math or science and/or specific grades in the core subjects.

Homeschool applicants should refer to additional information here.

Our goal is to review all applications and send official decision letters within 2 to 3 weeks of receiving the completed application file.  All admitted students are automatically reviewed for merit scholarships and notified in the acceptance letter. Merit scholarships are awarded to academically eligible students regardless of citizenship status. International applicants are reviewed separately for admission and scholarship consideration.