Dual Credit/AP/IB

Many of our incoming first-year participated in college credit programs during high school.  Lewis University does award transferable credit based on the following policies.

Advanced Placement

Students who participated in Advanced Placement (AP) courses during high school and earn an eligible score on the final exam can earn college credit at Lewis University.  See the Advanced Placement Examination table from our current university catalog.

Dual Credit College Courses

If your high school offers dual credit college courses, we will still classify you as incoming first-year.  Dual credit courses must be submitted on an official college transcript prior to beginning Lewis University courses.  We cannot award college credit from a high school document.  If you have questions about the transferability of a dual credit course, please contact your Admission Counselor in the Office of Admission at admissions@lewisu.edu.

International Baccalaureate Program

Students who participated in an International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum during high school must earn a minimum required score on the Higher Level test to earn college credit at Lewis University.  See the International Baccalaureate Program table from our current university catalog.

For more information

Julia Schaefer
First-Year Admissions Counselor
(815) 836-5851

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