International Testimonials

Omara Castillo
MS Business Analytics - Class of 2022

"One of the reasons I decided to be part of Lewis was its diverse student population programs with a Catholic background. All of the faculty and staff made learning enjoyable and a wonderful study experience for me. Lewis was definitely a place that created supportive classroom environments."

Simeon Theodor Wickli
South Africa
MS Computer and Information Security, Class of 2020

”I attended Lewis University from January 2018- December 2020. Within that time Lewis University provided me with the knowledge, tools, and professional connections and opportunities for my future. The professors and relatively small classroom sizes really benefited me and I really enjoyed the academic side at Lewis. Your experience at Lewis will be whatever you make of it (as is with most experiences in life); I would highly encourage people to try new things, go to different student organizations, talk to strangers and make new friends, take advantage of the resources given to you, and visit the beautiful city of Chicago. These are the experiences that make Lewis University great.”

Huangshen Mo
BS International Business, Class of 2023

"Everyone at Lewis welcomed me with open arms. Lewis provided me with great opportunities to gain knowledge and build leadership."

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