International Testimonials

Hear from Lewis International Students - In their Own Words!

Hussam Khalef Allah
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"Peace to you all. This is Hussam Khalaf Allah, a student at Lewis University. Lewis University is one of the most distinct educational institutions, because there are only a small number of students in each classroom. Also, it is close to Chicago, one of the most important cities worldwide. Lewis University opens up new horizons for you."

Eric Fru
Nsongwa, Cameroon
Master of Business Administration

"I enjoy and am proud to be a part of the Lewis University family. It is a safe environment, and the students are provided the freedom to celebrate their beliefs, while treating each other with respect as members of the same family."

Miaozi Guo
Beijing, China
Aviation Administration

"I came to Lewis to study because it is one of the few private schools in Illinois that offers Aviation Administration. Plus, Lewis has very good student services for International students. I am very happy to live at Lewis University for the convenience and the various activities the school provides all year long."

Rami Khalife
Beirut, Lebanon
Aviation Administration

"I came to Lewis University as a transfer student and have enjoyed my stay so much, I now plan to pursue my graduate degree here. The faculty members and the instructors are very professional and friendly. I also enjoy the events the International Student Association provides to help us promote and share our own culture."

Rohit Kumar
Kochi, India

"Namaste (Greetings). I am Rohit S Kumar and I am part of the Lewis family. Lewis University is No.1 in world class facilities and has brilliant faculty. Everyone in Lewis is friendly and very helpful in nature. Lewis provides me with an at-home environment while studying abroad and I am very grateful for that."

Uno Lapimaa
Tallinn, Estonia
Sport Management

"Hello, My name is Uno Lapimaa and I am from Tallinn. I chose Lewis University because it has excellent study opportunities and because of the closeness to a major city like Chicago. Thanks to Lewis, I have received a very good education and many contacts, which will help me in my future job search. "

Lorenz Pestinger
Bad Homburg, Germany
Marketing and Business

"Hello my name is Lorenz Pestinger and I'm originally from Bad Homburg in Germany. Lewis University is a very, very good choice for international students because the university is nearby one of the world's largest metropolises, Chicago, and at the same time it offers a very personal environment to study."

Melanie Sandberg
Motala, Sweden
International Business

"Lewis is very well maintained, and this ensures a pleasant student environment. The residence halls are nice and well-equipped, and they feel like home to us. All of the faculty and staff are really pleasant and they get to know you on a personal level."

Kairi Tanaka
Yokohama, Japan
Aviation Flight

"At Lewis, I have gotten to know people from many different cultural and racial backgrounds. And through Lewis International Student Association, I have made many friends who are here to support me when I feel homesick or need to be with people who understand what it is like to be an International Student."

Julia (SZ-Yi) Wu
Taichung, Taiwan
Graphic Design

"Hi, My name is Julia. I study at Lewis University. Lewis University is a great place to study because it close to one of the biggest cities in the United States, Chicago. And International Student Services helps us as International students throughout the entire process of application."