Guide to Completing your Online Application

Three Easy Steps:

Step 1: Submit an online application and upload all the mandatory documents to your application account. Whenever you upload documents, please choose the correct description label for each document type.  Please refer to the following table for correct description types. 

An application with missing documents will not be processed. Please do not email documents to your Counselor. It is the responsibility of each student to upload all the documents (including financial documents) to your account at the time of application submission.

Completed applications must be submitted before the deadline, three months prior to a semester start date: Summer (May intake) deadline is February 1; Fall (August intake) deadline is May 1, Spring (January intake) deadline is October 1.

Incomplete applications will automatically be deferred to the next open semester.

Mandatory Documents
Description of Document Type
Things to Remember
Passport INTL-Passport -
English test report (TOEFL 79, IELTS 6.5, PTE 52, Duolingo 105) INTL-English Test Score Report (TOEFL or IELTS) Even though description indicates only TOEFL or IELTS, it is ok to upload PTE or Duolingo score reports under this label
Bachelor’s degree – Consolidate Marks Memo (CMM) or individual marks memo (merged as single file) Transcript or Misc. Document When you upload transcript, it will continue to remain invisible and show status as awaiting. Do not worry! This is normal and it will be accessible to us internally. Please note the status of transcript will change to green or received only after we review your documents internally.
Personal statement/SOP Misc. Document Please ensure the SOP indicates correct student name, program and university name. Incorrect SOP could result in admission denial.
Resume Resume -
Two LORs Misc. Document -
Financial documents for $29,000 INTL-Bank Statement Acceptable financial documents – bank statement, savings account statement, fixed deposit statement, provisional loan approval letter.
Financial affidavit of support (in case of sponsor) INTL-Financial Affidavit of Support -

Step 2: Allow 3 - 5 weeks for application processing from the time all the above-mentioned documents are uploaded to the application account.

Step 3: Admission decision letters and the SEVIS I-20 form will be sent to the registered email address mentioned in the application form.

Helpful Tips

  • Do not submit more than one application.  Duplicate applications will slow your admission processing.  If you need to make changes, such as choosing a new program or deferring your start date – please email your admission counsellor

  • An incomplete application and/or application with missing documents will not be considered

  • Application Deadlines are six months prior to the semester start date.  Any incomplete applications (including apps with missing documents) will automatically be deferred to the next available start term
  • There is no need to notify us (through email) of your application submission as it will be automatically processed in the order in which it was received in our queue

  • Do not email your documents to us as we will be unable to upload them in the backend. It is the responsibility of each student to upload all the mandatory documents (listed in the table above) to Lewis account at the time of application submission