Scholarship Calculator

Try to maximize the federal Hope Scholarship tax credit before tapping into your 529 plan. It's worth more than the 529 plan's tax-free distribution.

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The Lewis University Scholarship Calculator will provide you with an estimated range of what you could potentially receive in merit money based on your academic record (i.e., high school GPA and ACT score for freshmen and cumulative college GPA for transfers).

These scholarship dollars are limited, so you should apply for admission before the respective priority consideration date of January 15 for freshmen students or July 1 for transfer students. The Lewis University Office of Admission will provide you with a final decision concerning your academic scholarship eligibility once you have been officially admitted to the university.

To begin, click on the link below that best describes your academic level in the upcoming year.

Freshman Calculator

You are a high school student, and you are seeking admission as a college freshman.
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Transfer Calculator

You have taken courses at another college, and you want to earn a bachelor's degree from Lewis.

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