Sociology, B.A.


Are you interested in community organization, social justice and world affairs? Consider majoring in sociology. Using research and statistics, you will learn how societies function and what makes people act the way they do.

Sociologists investigate human interaction, analyze social relationships, study institutions of human society, and examine contexts of global society. Sociology is one of today's most important fields, with plenty of unexplored territory. 

Lewis University's sociology program provides students with a well-rounded background that's important for success on the job market. Students gain hands-on experience through issues-based learning, class projects and relevant internships. Interdisciplinary coursework makes it easy to pursue a double major.

In keeping with Lewis' values, students study sociology in a context of wisdom, compassion and justice. The sociology program is committed to encouraging justice and equality. Courses highlight issues of social justice: crime and delinquency prevention, social and gender inequality, and more.  Students learn to challenge stereotypes, develop sound social policy and make positive contributions to their communities.