Course Schedule

First-Year/Sophomore Year (General Military Course)

  • Leadership Lab (LLAB)
  • Aerospace Studies class (1 credit per class)
    • Fisrt-Year:
      • Heritage and Values of USAF 1 (Aero 10100)
      • Heritage and Values of USAF 2 (Aero 10200)
    • Sophomores:
      • Team and Leadership Fundamentals 1 (AERO-20100)
      • Team and Leadership Fundamentals 2 (AERO=20200)
    • LLAB and AS class will take place every Monday In St. Charles Borromeo. Cadets also take AS Class in the Academic Science building.

Field Training

During the summer after sophomore year, cadets will participate in field training (it is required for all cadets who wish to continue into the Professional Officer Course). This rigorous program involves physical conditioning, weapons training and survival training. Field training offers cadets the opportunity to develop skills as both a leader and team member.

Junior/Senior Year (Professional Officer Course)

  • Leadership Lab (LLAB)
  • Aerospace Studies class (3 credits per class)
    • Juniors:
      • Leading and Effective Comm 1 (Aero 30100)
      • Leading and Effective Comm 2 (Aero 30200)
    • Seniors:
      • National Security Affairs (AERO-40100)
      • Preparation for Active Duty (AERO-40200)
    • Leadership roles at LLAB, PT, FTXs
    • Contract during Junior Year (if not on Scholarship)

Physical Training

  • Meets twice a week at Lewis on Monday mornings and Wednesday Mornings.
  • Crosstown students who do not attend Lewis University may do PT on their own twice a week.

Field Training Exercise/Rising Warhawk Weekend

  • Weekend training exercise held once a semester
  • Focus is on preparing cadets for various aspects of Field Training
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