Experiental Learning Opportunities


Lewis University's Model UN —which entails both coursework and intercollegiate competition— will:

  • Teach students about current global issues;
  • Provide them with a better understanding of how the United Nations works; and
  • Help them develop skills in diplomacy, negotiation, critical thinking, compromise, public speaking, writing, and research.

It’s a Class
POLS-32800 Model United Nations is a three-credit hour course that is designed to introduce students to the structure and practices of the UN.  Students will study current events, pressing international issues, the basics of international law, and some of the protocols and procedures of UN diplomacy.

It’s a Competition
The Model UN course will prepare students for their roles as model diplomats at the American Model United Nations competition in Chicago.   Each November, one or two Lewis delegations will participate in the competition at the Sheraton Grand Chicago for three days and nights.  Each Lewis delegation will represent a particular country, after having rigorously studied the politics of that country in Lewis University’s Model UN course.

Who Can Join?
Any Lewis student, regardless of major or year, can join Model UN.

Who to contact?
For further information, contact Dr. Justin Delacour of the Political Science Department at (815) 836-5709 or delacoju@lewisu.edu.  (Dr. Delacour will teach the Model UN course and accompany the Lewis delegation to American Model United Nations competition in Chicago in November).


If you are looking for collaborative learning class that allows you to experience diverse views and values while learning about social issues, consider enrolling in POLS 32700 Mediation I and POLS 32900 Mediation II. These courses are open to all majors, especially for students interested in politics, criminal justice, law, social work, peace studies, psychology, business, and education.  You will learn how to:

  • Mediate conflicts and disputes
  • Develop confidence working on social issues, and
  • Apply peace-making skills to mitigate social justice issues
  • Participate in community engaged learning
  • Become a certified mediator

Upon successful completion of both courses and successful passage of the exam for mediation, students will be considered certified mediators.

or more information, contact Dr. Stephen Sherwin at (815) 836-5651 or at Sherwist@lewisu.edu to learn more about mediation.


If you are thinking about becoming a lawyer, law enforcement official, public servant, or you enjoy public speaking, are good at communication, or simply want to join a fun experiential activity, Mock Trial is a course you should consider. Not only will you learn trial strategy, you also will become more confident speaking in front of others and thinking on your feet. POLS 32000 Mock Trial - Forensics is an advocacy simulation course where students explore the theory underlying the preparation and presentation of a jury trial; oral and written advocacy skills; jury selection; opening statements; witness examination; closing arguments and the use of physical and demonstrative evidence for civil and criminal litigation.

For more information, contact Anthony Sam, JD at saman@lewisu.edu.


Students in all the degree programs in the Political Science Department have opportunities to work on internships for academic credit. While students in Public Policy and the Computer Science + Political Science programs are required to do an internship, students in Political Science and International Relations can do an internship for elective credit toward their degrees. Students can earn 1 – 3 credits at their internships by working a designated number of hours and writing a paper integrating their internship experiences and their course work.

For more information about working internships for academic credit, contact Dr. Laurette Liesen at (815) 836-5681 or at liesenla@lewisu.edu.

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