Mission Statement

The mission of MS Project Management program is designed to provide students with high-value graduate experiences recognized for fostering leadership, strategic and technical management skills vital in today’s global environment.

PMI Global Accreditation Center

The GAC Accredited Program seal is a mark of Project Management Institute, Inc.

PMI Authorized Training Partner

The M.S. in Project Management is accredited by the PMI Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC).

The College of Business, MS Project Management program will focus on four components to sustain and enact this mission:

  1. Engage students in critical thinking, and communication, through applied and experiential learning using a variety of teaching techniques and innovative technologies. 

  2. Develop a curriculum emphasizing the integration of local and global business functions to provide students with a complete understanding of project, portfolio, and program management. 

  3. Develop community engagement with professional associations that utilize faculty and student experiences. These actions can expand and develop opportunities for students regarding research, internships, career opportunities and utilizing student feedback for continuous improvement of course curriculum.

  4. Build a faculty network for teaching based upon the faculty’s intellectual capital, diversified contributions in the field, interdisciplinary and pedagogical (teaching and learning) experience and continuous improvement.

Manage strategic programs and projects for your organization.

Develop the management, communication and leadership skills you need to fulfill the growing demand for project managers across all industries with Lewis' Masters in Project Management program.

You will learn how to

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  • Organize project resources effectively and efficiently.

  • Demonstrate an integrated understanding of projects, programs, and portfolio management disciplines.

  • Lead multidisciplinary teams and develop realistic strategies.

  • Display a practical exhibition and explanation regarding analytical, communicative, and technical skills related to Project Management Triple constraint.

  • Evaluate sociocultural factors that promote effective management of people, procedures, or processes.


Our Master's in Project Management program offers six-8 weeks sessions per year (2 sessions in the fall semester, 2 sessions in the spring semester and 2 sessions in the summer). We offer rolling administration, so you can start at any time.


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