Student Organizations

Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity


The Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates (COTAD) is an organization that addresses the issues of systemic racism and oppression, occupational injustice, healthcare equity, and educational decolonization.

The Mission of COTAD is to empower occupational leaders to engage in practices that increase justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion for a more transformative occupational therapy profession.

COTAD is a team of OT students, educators, and advocates that works to promote diversity and inclusion within the occupational therapy workforce and to increase the ability of occupational therapy practitioners to serve an increasingly diverse population through open discussion about current events, bias, and the impact culture has in occupation.

Lewis University’s chapter works to create opportunities and resources to foster open conversation, increase awareness of different lived experiences and promote occupational and social justice for all groups and populations.

Our COTAD chairs for  22-23 are Jay Hernandez and Miranda DeVito.

Pi Theta Epsilon National Honor Society, Zeta Alpha Chapter

The mission of Pi Theta Epsilon is to support the practice of occupational sciences and the practice of authentic occupational therapy by promoting research, leadership, and scholarly activities by its members.


In this way, the organization serves not only the profession, but helps to ensure quality healthcare services for the general public. Members are among the top 35% of their cohort, and have a demonstrated record of scholarship and service.

The purposes of Pi Theta Epsilon (PTE), as stated in the society's constitution, are to:

  • Recognize and encourage scholastic excellence of occupational therapy students
  • Contribute to the advancement of the field of occupational therapy through scholarly activities, such as research development, continuing education, and information exchange between student and alumni members; and
  • Provide a vehicle for students enrolled in accredited programs in occupational therapy to exchange information and to collaborate regarding scholarly activities.
Pi Theta Epsilon
Pi Theta Epsilon Members
Pi Theta Epsilon
Capstone Research Day

The Pi Theta Epsilon chapter at Lewis University hosts Capstone Research Day on campus in May.  This year, the chapter will also facilitate the selection of Lewis University’s First OT Fieldwork Educator of the Year Award.

Student Occupational Therapy Association – SOTA

SOTA Executive Board for 22-23

SOTA is a student organization that promotes occupational therapy through professional, educational, social and community service activities throughout Lewis's campus and in the local community.

SOTA has been involved in the Ready to Fly Event, various area back to school fairs, backpack awareness events, OT month events and other professional development opportunities.

SOTA Brochure

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