Fieldwork is a key element of the MSOT program at Lewis University. Fieldwork affords students the opportunity to apply knowledge to clinical practice with guidance and mentorship from a licensed occupational therapist.

The Level I Fieldwork experience is designed to foster intellectual engagement, clinical reasoning, ethical practice, professionalism, and social responsibility through faculty-led clinical experiences in traditional, non-traditional, community-based, or emerging areas of practice. Level I Fieldwork provides transformative learning experiences by affording students the opportunity to participate in occupational therapy service delivery, engage in community partnerships, and reflect on practice.

The Level II Fieldwork experience is designed to enable students to develop the skills and experience necessary to function as competent, entry-level, generalist occupational therapists. Level II Fieldwork consists of two 12-week learning experiences that immerse students in traditional or emerging settings in which students provide occupational therapy services to clients and reflect on practice.  In this experience, students are paired with qualified, informed fieldwork educators, at sites that use evidence-based practices to support clients’ meaningful participation in occupations.

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