Mathematics, B.A.

Help spread your love for math.

You know firsthand how exciting math can be. But it takes a special person to be able to unlock that love for the next generation.

Fully approved by the State Teacher Certification Board and the Illinois State Board of Education, Lewis' math teacher certification degree program will prepare you to share your passion and teach grades 6-12 in Illinois public and private schools.

"The best way, it has always seemed to me, to make mathematics interesting to students and laymen is to approach it in a spirit of play. On upper levels, especially when mathematics is applied to practical problems, it can and should be deadly serious. But on lower levels, no student is motivated to learn advanced group theory, for example, by telling him that he will find it beautiful and stimulating, or even useful, if he becomes a particle physicist. Surely the best way to wake up a student is to present him with an intriguing mathematical game, puzzle, magic trick, joke, paradox, model, limerick, or any of a score of other things that dull teachers tend to avoid because they seem frivolous."

- Martin Gardner (In the Introduction to Mathematical Carnival, 1977)


Note: This track requires a minor in Secondary Education.