Organizational Leadership, M.A.

What People are Saying about the Organizational Leadership Program

Read testimonials from industry professionals and alumni from the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) degree program at Lewis University

“I took the Master's in Organizational Leadership program shortly after completing the Master’s in Public Safety program. This was done in preparation for a job change either within the Chicago Fire Department or after my retirement. I needed a program that spoke to the level of responsibility I had at the moment, yet would prepare me for more responsibility should the opportunity arise.

I chose Lewis because most of the instructors were professionals in their own right. It was more than spewing from books. It was relating theory with reality. The knowledge I accumulated and the self-confidence I gained allowed me to re-prioritize what was important in my professional life and strive to educate my subordinates in a local manner. It also led me to strive for the next level of education – a Ph.D. level program.”

Dawn Dow
Paramedic Field Chief – Retired
Chicago Fire Department

“I had an absolutely wonderful experience in the Organizational Leadership program. The instructors were true professionals. They were willing to assist with any questions I had and give guidance as needed. I learned a lot about myself, including how I lead and make decisions. I found the self-assessments insightful and know I make better decisions personally and professionally from the information I gained from them. What’s more, the information I gained in the Not-for-Profit concentration helped me in my role as a founder of a new non-profit organization, The Freddie Mae Leversten Leadership Foundation. However, the program is universal and it’s well designed to prepare leaders and future leaders in any industry.”
Geneva L. Reed
President and CEO/Founder
The Freddie Mae Leversten Leadership Foundation

“I decided to leave my job and pursue a degree that would allow me to understand leadership and work with adults after my employer went through a right-sizing effort. I chose Lewis because of its unique program and curriculum. It focused not only on external leaders, but also on a student’s individual leadership characteristics and strengths. I found the program to be a highly rewarding experience. I really bonded with my fellow classmates and enjoyed the interactions and discussions with the professors who brought extensive applied knowledge to the classroom. The assignments, while challenging at times, helped bring out the best in me. It made me resilient and showed me anything is possible if you try hard and believe in yourself.”
Hilda Gonzalez
Self-Employed Consultant
MBA Teacher
Lake Forest Graduate School of Management

“I had always wanted to complete an organizational leadership program. I wanted to put myself in a position that would keep me competitive for many years and into retirement. My experience going through the online program was excellent. I had the opportunity to meet most of the instructors in person, as well as through electronic means. They were always there to help and answer any questions. Since graduating, I’ve had multiple opportunities to become more involved in law enforcement by sitting on several committees and I’ve been promoted. The opportunities have been continuous.”
Jason Stubler
Patrol Sergeant
Naperville Police Department

“My experience going through the Master’s in Organizational Leadership program with a concentration in Non-Profit and Corporate Management was beyond positive. Although the academics, course offerings, mission and logistical convenience got me in the door, the faculty and staff are what kept me coming back. I was offered a place to share my workplace knowledge, but gain much from other’s professional experience. Both the professors and other students were prepared to challenge me in an effective manner to maximize the time spent in and outside of the classroom. It didn’t take me long to realize that the educational opportunities obtained through the MAOL program would provide the necessary guidance and confidence I needed to move my career in the right direction.

After I graduated from the program, I established the WGA Caddie Academy for high school girls. This unique program, which has a focus on minorities and those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, gives girls a chance to experience the benefits of being a golf caddie and learning life lessons by being around successful adults. Those who complete the program are eligible to apply for the Evans Scholarship which provides a full, four-year tuition and housing grant to top universities across the country.”

Mike Maher
Director of Education
Evans Scholars Foundation

“I was looking to make a career change into Higher Education. I researched several schools and Lewis’ program looked like it would best fit my goals and schedule, allowing me to work and take classes during the evenings. I quickly realized I made a good choice. The faculty was engaging and cared about what we were doing. What’s more, they brought practical industry experience to the classroom and were always willing to pick up the phone to answer any questions you had. They were highly invested in student success. The coursework was also really interesting. It taught me how to look at and interact with people with different personality types in a new way. It gave me a better lens to view things. The program gives you a lot to take advantage of.”
Sean Fagan

“I’ve been a teacher and life coach for about 12 years and wanted to get the International Coaching Federation (ICF) certification. I knew I’d need additional education to earn it. After researching schools across the country, I found Lewis’ Organizational Leadership program had everything I wanted. It was close to home, had multiple locations and offered the flexibility of online learning. Every class challenged me to think about what it takes to be a successful leader in a brand new way. I loved learning all about my leadership style and preferences from the various assessments that were a part of the program.

Of course, I have to credit the professors for helping to instill that love within me. They were all experts in their fields who challenged me to be more of a leader in class and my personal life, which inspired me to work even harder. All my assignments had real-world applications that furthered my perceptions about being a successful leader.”

Sheryl Shields
English Teacher and Life Coach