Leadership in Action

Leadership in Action focuses on the relational side of leadership, learning how people function and how you can help them reach their full potential.

Emphasizing leadership self-awareness, participants will identify, assess and explore their leadership style and approach as related to:

  • Managing conflict and change
  • Engaging others
  • Organizational design and culture
  • Ethics

This personal exploration of leadership preferences and styles will promote greater leadership flexibility and create more successful leaders.

Leading From the Inside Out

Leading in the 21st Century: Transformation, Change and Challenge

This workshop will provide an analysis of current thinking and practices of leadership, emphasizing the application of proven concepts to real-life leadership situations. Also examined, is the relationship that develops between leaders and followers, influenced by such factors as emotional intelligence, empowerment, participation, and teamwork.

Leadership Development: Knowing the Leader in You

This workshop will provide an opportunity for self-assessment and deepening of leadership abilities, as well as communication, decision-making, and learning styles. Participants will have the opportunity to discover, discuss and analyze their leadership style utilizing an inventory for identifying and building leadership competencies.

Leaders and Followers Working Together

Team Building and Conflict Resolution: Working Together to Achieve More

The purpose of this interactive session will be to provide useful concepts and practical tools for increasing team effectiveness. Specifically, participants learn about:

  • Team basics
  • The characteristics of effective teams
  • Models for team development

There will be several opportunities to apply specific team development methods, tools and activities.

Motivating and Engaging Your Team: Participative and People Driven Leadership

This workshop will examine contemporary approaches to employee motivation and implementation of motivational strategies for effective individual and group performance. Specifically, participants will enhance their ability to empower employees to utilize their strengths, to manage stress and build confidence, and to create opportunities for employees to experience meaningful, challenging, and interesting work.


For more information or to schedule the workshops for your organization please contact:

Dr. Michael Cherry
(815) 836-5562

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