What type of student does the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) seek to serve?
Our candidates are primarily people involved in the human side of the organization and typically hold roles where they directly manage others. This program is focused on organizational behavior and communication, change management skills, and personal/interpersonal effectiveness. We have concentrations in organizational management, professional and executive coaching, training and development, and higher education/student services.

In what format are courses offered?
The MAOL program is offered in an accelerated 8- week format. Specifically, students can choose from:

  • Weeknights in Oak Brook (each class meets one night per week)
  • Online

Note: Some courses in the program are offered online only.

About how long will it take to finish the program?
If you take one 8-week course each session it will take about two years. Some students take a blend of courses and complete requirements in about 18 months. Others may need to skip a session due to home, family, and job commitments. Because the courses are offered in an accelerated format, on a year-round basis, they accommodate both students who wish to enroll continuously, and those who need to take courses at a slower pace. There is a seven year limit on the time a student may take to complete the program.

Do I have to begin the degree during a certain semester?
No. We offer rolling admission into the program. You may start the program at six different times each year, as there are two opportunities to start each Fall, Spring, and Summer semester.

Can I apply for the program online?
Yes, you can apply at www.lewisu.edu/apply.

Professional and Executive Coaching

Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

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