John Lamb Scholarship

This $2,500 scholarship honors John Lamb, Professor Emeritus of History.


  1. Recipient is to be a Junior or Senior history major and full-time student
  2. Recipient is to have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA
  3. The history faculty play a role in selecting the recipient.

Lockport Women's Club Pat Darin Annual Internship in Public History

This is a $2,000 internship opportunity.


  1. Scholarship/internship to be awarded annually to a Lewis student (prefer History major)
  2. Awarded and administered through Lewis History Center
  3. Recipient will spend approximately 8 hours a week working on a history project to be determined by the Director of the History Center
  4. Recipient agrees to prepare and make a presentation to such interested local organizations as Lockport Woman's Club
  5. One-semester pilot program for $2000 internship stipend.

James P. Sczepaniak Endowed Scholarship

The amount of the scholarship awarded is determined yearly by the Office of Financial Aid Services.


  1. Recipient is to be a history or social science major
  2. The Director of Financial Aid has discretion over the selection of the students.

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