Reading & Literacy
Reading Specialist, M.A.

Teach a child to read and you help them succeed in all other areas. Literacy expands opportunities in students' lives, including higher education and career advancement. Educators who excel in teaching reading are essential to a thriving school or district. You can expand your career and broaden your professional skills as an educator in a specialist program at Lewis University.

Reading is an area of high need in schools. Every teacher could benefit from professional development in reading and schools are seeking out experienced reading professionals to help meet Federal and State mandates. Lewis' Reading Specialist Program will prepare you to be that essential professional. This challenging program offers the skills and resources you need to provide effective instruction and leadership in literacy through courses such as:

  • Technology in the Literacy Program
  • Supervising the PreK-12 Reading Program
  • Methods and Practicum in Reading Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Problems
  • Teaching Writing in the Literacy Program
With personalized guidance from our faculty, professional educators and researchers themselves, you will develop relevant and proven techniques you can apply immediately in the classroom, as well as develop your expertise as a professional to bring about change that impacts student learning.

Lewis' College of Education is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. The Reading & Literacy program is recognized by the International Reading Association.

Degree Format

The Reading Specialist program requires 39 semester credit hours and a minimum of 150 clinical hours of teaching experience across grades Pre-K to 12, including three intensive and extensive practicum experiences in which the candidate participates in assessment, developing case reports, planning and carrying out instruction, and conducting professional development and coaching activities.

Upon completion of the program, and with your Reading Specialist Endorsement, you will be eligible to teach reading to students and provide technical assistance and professional development in reading to other teachers.

Work at your own pace or with a cohort group of peers. Courses begin at our main Romeoville campus every semester and the typical student can complete the program in six semesters or less. Cohorts are also offered at our Tinley Park regional campus on a two-year cycle.

Scholarship Options

Along with a wide array of education scholarship options, the Dr. Martha H. Rusnak Scholarship for Reading Professionals was specifically established to assist graduate students who are preparing to become reading professionals.

5 Top Reasons

You will Benefit from Coursework in Reading and Literacy – No Matter What Your Role is:
1. Learn strategies that you can use the next day to meet the Common Core State Standards.
2. Make your interventions with diverse populations more effective and efficient.
3. Improve student performance and motivation.
4. Communicate with parents more effectively.
5. Expand your career possibilities.


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