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The State of Illinois has a shortage of elementary teachers. At Lewis University, the Elementary Education program prepares students to obtain an Illinois Professional Educator’s license, earn an endorsement in English as a Second Language (ESL) and to teach grades 1-6. Additionally, Lewis is partnered with more than 60 school districts, seven counties and 130 schools in the Chicago area, allowing students to become exposed to a variety of cultures and communities during their observation hours.

The Elementary Education with ESL Endorsement graduate program is fully approved by the State Educator Preparation and Licensure Board and the Illinois State Board of Education.

Elementary Education Subsequent Teaching Endorsement - Grades 1-6 (19 credit hours)

IEPP Exemplary Elementary Education

Once you hold a Professional Educator License (PEL) or Educator License with Stipulations endorsed in a teaching field, you can add additional content area endorsements. These endorsements can be added at any grade level even if the underlying teaching endorsement on the PEL is a different grade range. The PEL serves as a foundation to which any teaching endorsement can be added after applicable coursework and testing are completed.

Lewis University offers the following subsequent teaching endorsement in Elementary Education:

ELED 41000/53000 Classroom Assessment and Intervention
ELED 34000/54000 Methods and Content of Teaching Science, Health and Movement
ELED 35200/55200 Methods and Content of Teaching Mathematics
ELED 35400/55400 Methods and Content of Teaching Social Studies
ELED 35300/52400 Early Reading and Writing Methodologies
ELED 47100/52800 Content Area Literacy and Reading Strategies
ELED 31500/51500 Child Growth and Development
ELED 37300/57300 Endorsement Field

Pass the Elementary Education content test (305)

Scholarship Options

  • Dr. Shirley A. McFaul Endowed Scholarship
  • Dr. Paul and Mrs. Ann Rubino Elementary Science Endowed Scholarship
  • Resources for the Education of Adults in the Chicago Area (REACH) Scholarship
  • Lasallian Book Scholarship

Visit the Financial Aid for Educational Studies page for more information on education scholarships.

Sample Courses

  • Foundations of Teaching all Learners
  • Classroom Assessment and Intervention
  • Beginning Linguistics and Development of Speech and Language in Early Childhood
  • Foundations of Bilingual and English Language Learner Education
  • Exceptional Learners in Inclusive Communities
  • Assessment of Bilingual Students
  • Cross-Cultural Studies in Literacy and English Language Learners

LBS1 Endorsement can also be earned through taking additional coursework.

Admission Requirements

  • A baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75 for the final 60 credit hours of study
  • Official college transcripts from all institutions previously attended
  • Successful completion of the Lewis University College of Education and Social Sciences Graduate Writing Examination
  • Submission of a graduate application form
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Meet with the appropriate Department Chair or Program Director for a personal interview to discuss education goals

Please refer to the Office of Graduate Admission for application requirements and specific next steps.


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