Mission Statement and Outcomes


The Lewis University Exercise Science Program aims to educate, mentor, and inspire undergraduate students to understand and promote exercise as a way to enhance performance,  maintain function, and restore and wellness health throughout the lifespan.  The Program aims to be viewed by prospective students, alumni, employers, colleagues, and the community as a leader in preparing Exercise Science professionals in the state of Illinois and the region.

Program Outcomes

  1. Students will identify and minimize potential risks associated with exercise.

  2. Students will design and implement evidence-based, safe exercise program to meet a variety of outcomes.

  3. Students will optimize adoption and adherence of exercise and other healthy behaviors by applying effective behavioral strategies and motivational techniques.

  4. Students will establish and implement policies and procedures for the management of health fitness facilities based on accepted safety and legal guidelines, standards and regulations.

  5. Students will be able to describe the role of the exercise scientist as part of an interdisciplinary team.