Ethnic and Cultural Studies

This minor provides all students the opportunity to enhance their academic majors with an Ethnic and Cultural Studies minor. The program emphasizes, but is not restricted to, the contributions of people of African, Latin American, Middle Eastern, East Asian and South Asian,  and Native American descent. The histories, ideologies, and cultures of these peoples are critically examined. Since the world is increasingly becoming cross-culturally interactive, students should have an awareness of the diverse global society.

Students can pursue a concentration in one study area or a combination of different studies. There are three minors available: African-American Studies; Ethnic and Cultural Studies (a more broadly designed minor); and Latina/Latino Studies. All minors in Ethnic and Cultural Studies are housed in the Department of Sociology. The program also has an advisory board of faculty and staff members who meet at least twice every semester in cooperation with several academic departments to provide students guidance with respect to the program.

The Ethnic and Cultural Studies Program, also offers comparative coursework in European and Colonial studies. In some cases, a course in the Ethnic and Cultural Studies curriculum may also satisfy one of the general education requirements. All courses may be used as electives. However, students interested in the program may take courses without pursuing a minor. Students must have at least sophomore standing to declare an Ethnic and Cultural Studies minor. Students interested in pursuing a minor must consult with the Ethnic and Cultural Studies program director to declare the minor and to develop a specific program of study. The director of the Ethnic and Cultural Studies Program serves as an advisor to all students pursuing the Ethnic and Cultural Studies minor.

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