English Studies Department

Publications Overview

Faculty Publications

The English Studies Department Faculty regularly publish scholarly articles and creative works, as well as expert blogs for the Lewis University "Faculty Forum". Once you get to the Forum, please enter the name of an English faculty member into the search box: Jennifer Consilio, … Jackie K. White.

English Studies Department Newsletter

The department newsletter is an online publication composed and designed by the Department Intern, which features current topics, department news and events, faculty news, alumni updates, student resources, reading recommendations, congratulations, highlights, and thanks.

Jet Fuel Review
Jet Fuel

is a bi-annual, student-run literary journal that seeks to publish the very best poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and art from members of the Lewis University community as well as artists on a national scale.

Begun in the fall of 2010, by English major and department intern Mary Egan, the Jet Fuel Review has published poetry from names such as Karyna McGlynn, Ray Gonzalez, and Jaswinder Bolina, fiction from Jane Lebak and George Miller, and art from Julie Clack and Grant Palmer.

Editors of JFR also run an accompanying blog, which publishes articles written by students on a wide variety of inspired topics. We hope to become a new space where Lewis students and national writers and artists can find a voice.

Windows Fine Arts Magazine
Windows Magazine

is an annual online and print publication that features the winning submissions to the Windows Contest.Entries are accepted from two classifications, students and faculty/staff/alumni, in the categories of visual arts, writing, and musical composition.

First prize is awarded $100, publication, and a certificate. All other awards receive publication and a certificate. The intent of the magazine is to highlight the creative talents and accomplishments of the members within the Lewis community.