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While developing a solid foundation in literature and language, our students specialize in writing, in literature, or in preparation for teaching at the secondary level. We offer minors in creative and professional writing, in literature, and in film studies. We also support the University's Foreign Language Program, which offers a major in Spanish and minors in Spanish Language and Culture, Arabic Language and Culture, Chinese Language and Culture, and East-European Language and Culture (Polish or Russian).

Our courses are taught by professors who continue their education through scholarship, regularly presenting at conferences and publishing books and articles. Likewise, we encourage and guide our majors and minors to pursue opportunities to share their work at conferences, in print, online, and through a variety of departmental publications. Offering small classes of no more than 25 students each, we are committed to the success of each student, and we take a personal approach—both within the classroom and outside it.

We have so much to offer you, as our students can attest. Studying English not only enables you to enjoy classic, contemporary, and diverse literary works, but also sharpens the critical, analytical, and communication skills and processes that employers and graduate schools demand. Furthermore, by developing these crucial skills, a second major or a minor in English strengthens a major in any other discipline. In fact, our graduates are employed not only as educators and editors, promotional and technical writers, but also as lawyers and morticians, graphic designers and sales reps, administrative assistants and project managers, communications consultants and librarians with masters degrees.

We would be delighted to hear from you, and to explain our programs in detail. Please visit the Contact Us page so that we may get to know you, answer your questions, and perhaps schedule a visit.

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