First-Year Writing Showcase


Each semester, the First-Year Writing program invites program faculty to nominate student writers whose work shines for features like idea development, critical thinking, organization, voice, creativity, language use, and writing and research processes. A faculty panel reviewed the nominated works and selected thirteen pieces reflecting a variety of genres, including Narrative, Profile Writing, Rhetorical Analysis and Research Argument. This semester’s selections represent writers enrolled in ENGL 11100 College Writing 1; and ENGL 11200 College Writing 2. We hope you enjoy meeting these writers and listening to their voices and ideas through their written work!


Mustafa Altamimi
"Literacy Through a Lens"

College Writing 1 - Prof. Therese Jones

 Sidney “Quan” Butler
 "Released: The Discovery of the Ultimate Key”

 College Writing 1 - Prof. Melissa Pavlik

 Rayne Grabowski
 "Being In and Out of the Guy’s World"

College Writing 1 - Dr. Jen Fife

Amina Hrnjic
 “Our Contribution to the Planet”

 College Writing 1 - Prof. Steven Blythe

 Sofia Hunt
“The Psychological Effects Caused by Covid-19 Quarantine on Students From Various Levels of Education”

College Writing 2 - Dr. Ana Roncero-Bellido

Evan Iglesias Ilobet
"Discovering Myself”

College Writing 1 - Dr. Jen Fife

 Katie Jensen
"The Strength of a Mother"

College Writing 1 - Prof. Michelle Lorenzen

Cynthia Lopez
“Perspectives on Success”

College Writing 1 - Dr. Jen Consilio

Katie Melzer
“Anything (But) Art”

College Writing 1 - Dr. Ana Roncero-Bellido

Natalie Ramirez
“The Contribution of Technology in Sports”

College Writing 2 - Dr. Jordan Canzonetta

Alyssa Rull
"Literacy Narrative"

College Writing 1 - Prof. Therese Jones

Elaina Veome
"Who’s ‘The Man?’"

College Writing 2 - Prof. Allyson Howard

Allie Wondrasek
"The Effects of Celiac Disease on Female College Athletes”

College Writing 2 -Dr. Ana Roncero Bellido

Additional Showcase Nominees

  • Michael T Analitis, (Prof. Allyson Howard)
  • Ariana Ayala, (Prof. Therese Jones)
  • Julianne Bordick, (Dr. Jen Consilio)
  • Josh Brown, (Dr. Jordan Canzonetta)
  • Juan Jose Castro, (Prof. Therese Jones)
  • Hunter Collins, (Prof. Michelle Lorenzen)
  • Alexander P. Cunningham, (Prof. Allyson Howard)
  • Joseph Dzik, (Dr. Jen Consilio)
  • Ruel Eugenio, (Dr. Jordan Canzonetta)
  • Sofia Haro, (Dr. Jen Consilio)
  • Olivia Herrera, (Prof. Michelle Lorenzen)
  • Aletheia D. Johnson, (Dr. Jordan Canzonetta)
  • Kevin Katauskas, (Prof. Therese Jones)
  • Elle Komar-Landl, (Prof. Steve Blythe)
  • Starley Lanning, (Dr. Ana Roncero-Bellido)
  • Rudra Patel, (Prof. Michelle Lorenzen)
  • Asadallah M Saad, (Dr. Jen Fife)
  • Connor Scott, (Prof. Melissa Pavlik)
  • Gabe Seeman, (Dr. Ana Roncero-Bellido)
  • Kyle Starks, (Prof. Melissa Pavlik)
  • Swain Stewart Jr, (Prof. Dave McNamara)
  • Damieion Thurmond, (Prof. Melissa Pavlik)
  • Sam Tyne, (Prof. Therese Jones)
  • Lauren Wattawa, (Dr. Jen Consilio)
  • Liliana Wielgus, (Dr. Wallace Ross)
  • Aubreanna Williams, (Prof. Allyson Howard)

Thank You

Thank you to all our writers for creating and sharing their work. And thank you to all who directly support our first-year writers: our instructors, the Writing Center staff, and the Library Research instructors. We appreciate all you do to support first-year writers. And many thanks to our program Graduate Assistant, Michelle Lorenzen, for all her help in coordinating the Showcase process.

Congratulations to all our nominated and selected writers. Keep writing!

Jen Consilio, Ph.D.
Professor of English Studies
Director of the First-Year Writing Program

"Write, and your world
will explode with meaning."

--Donald M. Murray

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