Emily Krivograd

Emily Krivograd
"Technology’s Influence on Journalism"
College Writing 2, Dr. Jordan Canzonetta

When I was putting this project together, I soon found myself immersed in the research about journalism and artificial intelligence, sometimes spending hours reading studies and listening to podcasts. As a journalism major, it was important to me that this project reflect a relevant topic in my field, so I loved learning more about how the media has used (and misused) this technology. As stated in my project, I strongly believe that readers of the news should also become educated on what exactly bots are and how they can write articles, which I kept in mind while I wrote my piece. Knowing that someone can learn about bots and the ways journalism is evolving just from reading a few slides of my project encouraged me throughout the extensive research this subject required.

Excerpt from “Technology’s Influence on Journalism”

“News sources have the choice to either embrace AI or they could monitor the AI to make sure generated articles are accurate and there are still available positions for incoming reporters. Journalists can use the technology to help them, but should fact check articles to make sure all information is accurate and produced ethically. They also may have to become more technologically literate to stay marketable. Readers may not be aware of whether a bot or a human is writing the news articles they read. As the use of technology in journalism grows, they may develop or grow some level skepticism as to if the information they receive is correct.”

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