English Studies Department


For English Majors and Minors

The English Studies Department at Lewis seriously approaches its advising role for students. The Department Chair assigns an advisor to each student who majors in English, but any student may request a change of advisor after first discussing such a change with the prospective faculty member. The advisor mentors the English student in his or her course of study, while providing academic advice and counseling.

Course registration for the upcoming semester takes place approximately eight or nine weeks into the present semester. At that time, each student must register online, using a PIN number received during a meeting with his or her advisor, indicating the classes desired for the following semester; therefore, students must meet with their advisors after the publication of the Course Schedule, but prior to registration. English Studies Department faculty will post their hours of availability outside their office doors and on the department's bulletin board in the north hallway of De La Salle hall.

Language Arts/Education majors need to consult first with their English advisor and then with their advisor in the College of Education and Social Sciences.