Computer Science

Student Clubs & Organizations

Upsilon Pi Epsilon National Honors Society
Membership in this International Computer Science Honors Society not only looks great on your resume, but provides you with great professional and philanthropic opportunities. Any student who has earned a minimum of 64 college credit hours, and has maintained a 3.5 GPA or higher in Computer Science courses is eligible for membership. Lewis University is one of only six schools in the state with an Upsilon Pi Epsilon chapter.

Prometheon Technology Club
Open to students from all majors who share a love of technology and imagination, this group gets together to create and enjoy computer games, videos, music and electronic projects - from designing MAME cabinets to tricking out Xboxes, holding robotics competitions and hosting all-night gaming parties. Prometheon members also share their knowledge, hosting educational sessions on computer security, buying an HD TV and other relevant consumer topics. They have also headed up computer collection drives and refurbishment efforts to support charitable organizations.

Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)
Lewis' chapter of this world-renowned professional organization makes a variety of top-notch computing resources available to students, and helps bring outstanding computer scientists to campus to present on emerging computing trends. Learn more about the ACM.

Associated Colleges of the Chicago Area CS Division
Lewis' Computer and Mathematical Sciences Department is a prominent part of the Computer Science Division of the Associated Colleges of the Chicago Area. This organization provides several opportunities for Computer Science majors, including a fall seminar series on cloud computing and a spring programming competition in which Lewis has had historic success.

If you would like to become a member, or to learn more about any of these groups, contact Dr. Ray Klump at (815) 836-5528 or