3+1 Degree ProgramS WITH COD

College of DuPage students can now earn their associate's degree from COD and their Bachelor of Science degree in one of three areas: Computer Science, Cybersecurity, or Information Technology from Lewis University in just four years.

Acquire both the technical skills and problem-solving strategies necessary for a wildly successful career in computer science.

Instruction Location

All four years of coursework will be taught at the College of DuPage's Glen Ellyn campus. The first six semesters of coursework will be taught by College of DuPage instructors. The last two semesters of advanced-level courses will be taught by Lewis University faculty on COD's campus.

Discounted Tuition

The first three years of the program will be completed at College of DuPage at COD tuition rates. The remaining year of tuition will be paid through Lewis University, with a 35% discounted tuition rate from Lewis' published undergraduate tuition.

Upon completion of the program, you will receive your associate's degree from College of DuPage and your Bachelor of Science degree from Lewis University.

For more information, contact:

Angie Caldwell

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