Learn how to use Computer Science to analyze and understand factors that form public policy and influence government and politics.

The Department of Engineering, Computing and Mathematical Sciences and Department of Political Science are excited to offer a groundbreaking, interdisciplinary program that allows students to integrate Computer Science and Political Science (CS+Political Science).

Technology is increasingly shaping public policy. The innovative CS+Political Science program provides students with a robust understanding of computing technology to help craft policies that address the challenges and possibilities of the future. Additionally, students may choose a concentration in any of the areas of Political Science, International Relations or Public Policy, providing more ways to explore how technology shapes various aspects of politics.

Upon graduation, students will be able to explore the relationships between technology and political behavior, recommend and implement ways political organizations and governments can leverage computer technology to better serve their communities, and analyze the impact of technology on the lives of citizens.

Perfect Preparation for 21st Century Politics

Many governments and political organizations seek candidates with skills in working with big data. Political campaigns are becoming increasingly data-driven, and various governments rely on data in providing services to their constituents. The B.A. in CS+Political Science degree is extremely valuable for helping students stand out in the job market and be better prepared for these types of opportunities. Students will also work an internship, take two semesters of a foreign language, and complete an interdisciplinary project that blends the two fields in a real-world problem area.

Sample Courses

  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Programming Languages
  • Computer Organization
  • State and Local Government
  • Public Policy Formation and Analysis
  • Statistics for Social Sciences

Career Areas

  • Policy Analysis
  • Public Sentiment Research
  • Market Research
  • Public Relations
  • Data Mining
  • Political Campaigns
  • Local, State, and National Government

On Campus Opportunities

Admission Requirements

Please refer to the Office of Admission for application requirements and specific next steps.

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For more information contact the Office of Admission at admission@lewisu.edu or call (815)836-5250.

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