Interdisciplinary Programs

Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management (HRM) major is an interdisciplinary program, with courses in both Psychology and Business, designed for students who seek a career in the HRM field. Students are prepared to handle responsibilities involving recruitment, selection, training, employee engagement, organizational communication, global and cultural effectiveness and other HRM activities. The curriculum is designed to align with the key competencies and content areas identified by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Opportunities for employment are found in the private sector, not-for-profit organizations, and in state and local government. Although specific roles and positions vary, graduates of Lewis’ HRM program often land entry-level roles as Human Resources Specialists. The Bureau of Labor Statistics ( estimates the median salary for Human Resource Specialists to be over $60,000, and those jobs are expected to grow 5% over the next ten years. Further, those who advance into HR manager roles after 5+ years of work experience can expect a median salary of $115,000.

The HRM major is offered to students in a traditional 16-week format as well as an accelerated 8-week format designed for those students for whom evening classes are more convenient. HRM minor and certificate options are also available.


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