Faculty and Staff

Dr. James Oakley

Name: Dr. James Oakley
Title: Professor of Marketing

Office Location: SB-152-N
E-Mail: oakleyja@lewisu.edu
Phone: (815) 836-5458

Education & Certifications:

  • 2002 Ph.D., Northwestern University
  • 1995 M.S., Purdue University


Jim Oakley is Professor of Marketing and has been on the faculty at Lewis University since 2015 Dr. Oakley teaches the Marketing core course in the graduate program (MKTG 56800), the Marketing Strategy Capstone in the undergraduate program (MKTG 47000), as well as Design Thinking (MKTG 38900), International Marketing (MKTG 46800), and Marketing Research (MKTG 46500). During his academic career, he has also taught courses internationally in Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong, France, and New Zealand, as well as domestically at Purdue University, University of North Carolina, Montana State University, and University of California-San Diego.

Dr. Oakley’s research focuses on marketing strategy and branding, and the influence of an organization’s culture on its marketing activities and customer relationships. His research has produced over two dozen journal and conference publications, two dozen invited presentations, and nearly three dozen media interviews including an NPR special in 2013. Dr. Oakley has served as a reviewer for more than twenty academic journals and conferences and has served as past-president and on the executive board of the Association for Marketing & Health Care Research since 2012.

Prior to his return to school for his PhD in 1999, Dr. Oakley spent 4+ years working with two Fortune 500 companies, US Bancorp and Capital One, developing new products and services in the financial services industry. Dr. Oakley brings more than twenty years of professional and academic experience to the Lewis University classroom each and every day.

Courses Taught:
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Design Thinking
  • International Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • Survey of Marketing (MBA)
  • Marketing Management (MBA)
  • Integrated Marketing Communications (MBA)
  • Global Marketing (MBA)
Selected Publications:
  • James L. Oakley (2019), “A Traveler’s Guide: From a Galaxy Far, Far Away to the Suburbs of Chicago and Back Again,” in Sheila M. Kennedy, PhD & Br. Philip Johnson, FSC (eds.), Journeys to Purpose: The Discover Stories Project, Volume I, Romeoville, IL: Lewis University.
  • Denis G. Arnold & James L. Oakley (2019), “DTCA Self-Regulation by the Pharmaceutical Industry: The Exposure of Children and Adolescents to ED Commercials,” Journal of Health Politics, Policy, & Law, 44 (5), 765-787.
  • Sean Coary & James L. Oakley (2018), “The Development and Measurement of a Brand Authenticity Scale,” Journal of Brand Strategy, 7 (2), 183-196.
  • Denis G. Arnold & James L. Oakley (2013), “The Politics and Strategy of Industry Self-Regulation: The Pharmaceutical Industry’s Principles for Ethical Direct-to-Consumer Advertising as a Deceptive Blocking Strategy,” Journal of Health Politics, Policy, & Law, 38 (3), 505-544.
  • Justin W. Gressel, Donal E. Carlston, & James L. Oakley (2013), “In Advertising, A Double Negative Does Not Equal a Positive,” Journal of Promotion Management, 19 (4), 470-487.
  • James L. Oakley (2012), “Bridging the Gap Between Employees and Customers,” Journal of Marketing Management, 28 (9-10), 1094-1113.