College of Business

Faculty and Staff

Our faculty are experienced professionals, offering both practical expertise and a diverse range of perspectives. They have worked in Fortune 500 Corporations, nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurial ventures and family businesses. Dedicated teachers as well as business professionals, Lewis faculty provide both challenge and guidance to every Lewis student.

College of Business

Ryan D. Butt

Dr. Ting He
Mr. Patrick Griffin

Business Administration
Dr. Elizabeth Belgio
Dr. George G. Klemic
Dr. James Krejci (Chair)
Michele Ryan

Dr. Lawrence Hill (Chair)
Dr. Wei Chen

Mr. Fred Dewald
Mr. John Nyhoff
Iyad Rock

International Business
Dr. Ian Gladding

Information Systems
Dr. Faisal Abdullah
Dr. Rami Khasawneh (Chair)
Dr. Ibrahim Mescioglu
Dr. Mathias Plass

Graduate School of Management