Graduate Course Catalog 2009-2011

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Total Credit Hours: 27

The Adult Nurse Practitioner Certificate is designed for nurses with a masterís degree in nursing seeking a career change to function in a clinical setting as an advanced practice adult nurse practitioner. The curriculum is designed to enhance clinical knowledge and skills in a variety of primary care settings.

I. Adult Nurse Practitioner Core Courses (18)
30-601 Applied Physiology for Advanced Nursing Practice (3)
30-602 Applied Pathophysiology for Advanced Nursing Practice (3)
30-603 Adult Health Assessment for Advanced Nursing Practice (3)
30-604 Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Nursing Practice (3)

II. Adult Nurse Practitioner Courses (15)
30-610 ANP Management I: Community/Primary Care (3)
30-611 ANP Practicum I: Community/Primary Care (2)
30-612 ANP Management II: Primary Care (3)
30-613 ANP Practicum II: Primary Care (2)
30-614 ANP Management III: Special Populations (3)
30-615 ANP Practicum III: Special Populations (2)