Graduate Course Catalog 2009-2011

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Total Credit Hours: 39

To obtain a Master of Arts degree in Secondary Education, candidates must complete a 39 hour program. The coursework is designed to provide candidates with the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to be successful classroom teachers. Candidates may choose to only complete the coursework and clinical hours needed for secondary certification, or they may continue their studies and earn a Master of Arts degree in Secondary Education. Candidates seeking a Master of Arts degree must complete a comprehensive examination.

Lewis offers Type 09 Secondary Certification in the areas of: English/language arts; mathematics; science with designations in biology, chemistry or physics; and social science with designations in history or psychology.

See complete admission requirements in College of Education introduction.



I. Certification Courses (29)
53-504 Technology For Teaching and Learning (2)
53-512 Instructional Strategies and Learning Communities for Adolescents (3)
53-513 Pedagogy and Assessment for Effective 6-12 Instruction (3)

53-5xx               Special Methods (content area) (3)
55-521 Curriculum and Instruction in the Middle School (3)
53-522 Characteristics and Development of the Adolescent Learner (3)
53-544 Secondary Student Teaching (6)
51-546 Historical Foundations of American Education (3)
54-557 Exceptional Learners in Inclusive Communities (3)
53-570 Reading in the Content Area Workshop (1)

II. Degree Completion Courses (10)
53-535 Methods and Techniques of Educational Research (3)

5X-575               Practical Research for Learning Communities (3)

Two Workshops or one 3-hour class               Workshop (1)