Graduate Course Catalog 2009-2011

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Total Credit Hours: 18

Certified Illinois teachers holding an 03 Elementary, 04 Early Childhood or 09 Secondary certificate who wish to add the English as a Second Language Endorsement to their certificates must complete the following coursework. The ESL Endorsement is valid only at the grade levels of the teacherís regular certificate.

Successful completion of the College of Education graduate writing assessment (Essay 1) is required during the first quarter of enrollment. Two years of teaching experience is not required for enrollment or ESL Endorsement.

I. Required Courses (15)
51-510 Foundations of Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations (3)
52-537 Linguistics for the Teacher of English Language Learners (3)
51-542 Cross-cultural Studies for Teaching English Language Learners (3)
51-514 Assessment of English Language Learners (3)
51-526 Methods and Materials for Teaching English as a New Language (3)

II. Elective Options (3)

Please choose one of the following:
51-511 Integrating Technology into the Curriculum (3)
51-557 Curriculum and Instruction (3)
52-509 Child and Adolescent Literature (3)
52-527 Teaching Reading to the Diverse Learner (3)

Total credit hours required for the M.Ed. option: 30

III. Additional courses required for M.Ed. (12)
51-521 Ethical and Moral Teacher Leadership (3)
51-557 Curriculum and Instruction (3)
51-575 Practical Research for Learning Communities (3)

Choose one of the following:
51-511 Integrating Technology into the Curriculum (3)
51-539 Legal Issues In Education (3)