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Total Credit Hours: 30


The Certificate of Advanced Study degree at Lewis University offers the educator who already possesses a masterís level degree the opportunity for advanced coursework. Two separate course sequences are available, each offering a comprehensive theoretical and practical program.

The General Administrative sequence provides the knowledge base for building principals and leads to the Type 75 Principalís Certificate.

The Superintendent Endorsement is an accelerated course sequence which provides skills and insights required for central office leaders and leads to the Superintendent Endorsement on the Type 75 Certificate.


Credits accepted for transfer into the Certificate of Advanced Study Program (maximum of six) must be hours beyond the masterís degree. No hours earned toward the Type 75 Principalís Certificate may be accepted toward the Superintendent Endorsement requirements.


See complete admission requirements in College of Education introduction.


  1. Masterís degree from a recognized institution.

  2. General Administrative (Type 75) Certificate.

  3. Fulfillment of Survey of Exceptional Child requirement (105 ILCS 5/21-2a).

  4. Two-years administrative or supervisory experience.

  5. Submission of Graduate Writing Assessment (Essay 1).

  6. Successful completion of the Illinois Certification Basic Skills Test.

Course of Study: 30 credit hours, 200 clinical hours

Governance of Schools (6)
51-622 Ethical and Moral Foundations of Educational Leadership (3)
51-648 Political and Legislative Context of Education (3)

Management of Schools (6)
51-657 Curriculum and Program Improvement (3)
51-658 School Finance and Fiscal Management (3)

Planning (6)
51-637 Strategic Planning and Program Evaluation (3)
51-678 Organizational Development in Education (3)

Professional Core (12)
51-638 Current Issues in School Law (3)
51-645 Collective Negotiations and Personnel Administration (3)
51-675 Research for School Leaders (3)
51-688 Leadership Practicum (3)

Total credit hours required: 30

Candidates for the Certificate of Advanced Study must complete a portfolio as part of their practicum requirement. The portfolio will include the theoretical and research base of this culminating project of the program. The paper must be formatted according to the American Psychological Association (APA) Manual, Current Edition.

Clinical Hours Required