Undergraduate Course Catalog 2012-2013

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Total Credit Hours: 75
Major Credit Hours: 39

The Associate of Science Degree program prepares the graduate for a career in the field of aviation flight by including all the courses and labs necessary for the following FAA flight certificates and ratings: Commercial Pilot Certificate – Airplane Single- and Multi-engine Land with an Instrument Airplane rating. This degree includes a number of courses that are intended to give the student additional background in management, science, and written and oral expression.

After matriculation at Lewis University, students are required to do all their flight training at Lewis.

For all flight associates, including those who have completed FAA Certificates or Ratings prior to matriculation, the Associate Degree in Aviation Flight Management is awarded only to those students who have successfully completed a minimum of two upper division flight labs (47-332 and 47-461) at Lewis University.


I. Core Courses (33)
47-102 Introduction to Aviation and Transportation (1)
47-130 Private Pilot Ground I (3)
47-131 Private Pilot Ground II (3)
47-132 Private Pilot Flight Lab (2)
47-203 Visual Aircraft Recognition (1)
47-231 Instrument Pilot Ground School (4)
47-232 Instrument Pilot Flight Lab (2)
47-250 Aviation Meteorology I (3)
47-252 Aviation Meteorology II (3)
47-331 Commercial Pilot Ground School (3)
47-332 Commercial Pilot Flight Lab (2)
47-460 Multi-Engine (MEL) Ground School (2)
47-461 Multi-Engine (MEL) Flight Lab (1)
47-xxx  Aviation Elective (3)

II. Management Courses (6)
61-200 Principles of Management (3)
61-360 Human Resource Management (3)

III. General Education Courses* (36)
04-xxx Economics elective (3)
06-111 College Writing 1 (3)
06-112 College Writing 2 (3)
10-112 Introduction to Human Communication (3)
15-110 Introduction to Philosophy (3)
20-290 Cultural Diversity and Intergroup Relations (3)
15-330 Ethics (Action and Values) (3)
19-310 Christian Action and Values (3)
09-101 Culture and Civilization I (3)
Fine Arts Elective (3)
19-100 The Search for Faith (3)
19-106 Introduction to Christian Theology (3)
Math requirement (3)
Social Science requirement (3)
*For more details on general Ed Courses, see the General Education section of this catalog.