Undergraduate Course Catalog 2012-2013

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Minor Credit Hours: 24

Credit Hour Requirement: (24)
04-346 Business-Government Relations in the Global Economy (3)
xxxxx International Business course (3)
Select one of the following: International Marketing (25-468); International Business (61-420); International Accounting (23-325); International Finance (62-440); International Economics (04-435)
61-220 International Business Topics: Asian country or region (3)
61-405 International Business Consulting: Asian Country or Region (3)
21-2xx Language: Select two semesters of Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Arabic etc. (6)
09-2xx History of an Asian country: Select Japan, China, India, Middle East (3)
18-xxx International Relations (3)
Select International Relations, Comparative Politics, or an International Topics related to the country or region being studied