Undergraduate Course Catalog 2012-2013

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Total Credit Hours: 128
Major Credit Hours: 48


Students interested in declaring a Social Work major must:

1.  Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00.

2.  Have earned at least a “C” in each of the prerequisite courses listed below:

78-100 Introduction to Social Work
26-100 General Psychology
20-100 Principles of Sociology

3.  Submit

• An application form
• A personal statement
• Two letters of recommendation

Applications are submitted after the student has attained junior status and has completed general education requirements.   The department will consider unique cases and can waive the requirement, however.

Please note: The Department of Social Work does not grant Social Work course credit for life experience or for previous work experience.

I. Core Courses (39)
78-100 Introduction to Social Work (3)
78-209 Social Welfare Policy (3)
78-215 Cultural Sensitivity in Social Work Practice (3)
78-250 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I (3)
78-251 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II (3)
78-302 Practice 1: Methods of Interventions with Individuals (3)
78-309 Practice 2: Methods of Intervention with Families and Groups (3)
78-310 Practice 3: Methods of Intervention in Communities and Organizations (3)
78-496 Research in Social Work (3)
78-497 Field Work Seminar (3)
78-498 Field Work Internship (9)

II. Choose Electives: (9)
(Although the Department prepares students for general practice and for subsequent advanced study in specialized fields, students may choose electives reflecting their individual interests and ultimate career goals.)
78-295 Community Service Experience (3)
78-300 Chemical Dependency: Diagnosis and Treatment (3)
78-304 Crisis Intervention (3)
78-312 Loss and Mourning (3)
78-314 Social Services for Children and Adolescents (3)
78-317 Social Services for the Elderly (3)

78-350 to 78-389 Workshop in Social Work (1)

(A variety of focused and practical one-credit Workshops in Social Work are offered both Fall and Spring semesters. More than one workshop may be selected.)

78-399 Independent Study (1-3)

III. General Education Courses (27-30)

A. The following general education courses are prerequisites for selected Social Work courses, as indicated in departmental course descriptions.
02-108 Introduction to Human Biology (3)
04-195 The American Economy (3)
04-200 Basic Macroeconomics (3)
10-112 Introduction to Human Communication (3)
15-330 Ethics (Action and Values) (3)
18-200 American National Government (3)
18-210 State and Local Government (3)
20-100 Principles of Sociology (3)
20-290 Cultural Diversity and Intergroup Relations (3)
26-100 General Psychology (3)

B. The following general education course should be taken by any student intending to seek the Master's in Social Work:
26-303 Statistics for the Social Sciences (3)

IV. The advanced writing requirement of the General Education curriculum for Social Work majors is satisfied by successful completion of 78-496 Research in Social Work (3) or 78-309 Practice II: Methods of Intervention with Families and Groups (3).